Few words


Welcome to Hirotar´s workshop site. My friends have been calling me Hirotar for years therefore Hirotar´s workshop. I am originally a trained artistic smith. Unfortunately, I quit the "black craft" because of lack of time and because I have no space for a smith´s workshop so the craft has become my occasional hobby and I started to develop another craft which I was trained in at the training centre of historical crafts in Šelmberk.

In my workshop, I make mainly products of leather; sometimes in combination with metal and brass or wood. All products are handmade including sewing. Each product is a unique original, which I put my effort, time and a part of myself into. Most of my production is signed with my logo, which is, hopefully, going to become the sign of good quality workmanship guaranteed by my name. My small production focuses mainly on historical fencing and LARP. However, all other orders or ideas are welcome.

Leather is a very special and universal material. It should be understood that it is an expensive material gained from animals. That is why each piece of leather is unique, sometimes with scars, wrinkles and other signs connected. The combination of this factor with handicraft makes each of my products an original piece.


Michal Hirotar Dvořák


Craftsman and artist with all his heart. He takes care of the workshop, design and production.

Lenka Dvořáková


She photographs products, creates websites, takes care of customers and sometimes also puts hand to work.